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Antti Pajunen, professional fishing guide / owner

Antti Pajunen, born in Kotka. The spark of fishing started when I was about 6 years old, first at our summer house in Savitaipale’s Virmajärvi and later in Kymijoki and in the sea area of Kotka. The first big salmon and sea trout came up from the banks of Kymijoki in the early 1990s. That’s when the real passion for active fishing started and continues strong to this day. I studied at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences as a tourism management in 1997-2002. Studies in the tourism industry and a versatile fishing hobby later led me to study the professional qualification of Fishing Guide, and to deepen my overall knowledge. The fishing guide’s AT and the EA trainings that belong to it, the hygiene passport and the rental boat driver’s qualification were completed at the Training Center in Salpaus. In 2016, I participated in Finland’s first Iktyocare – water course instructor training for special groups organized by TAMK. The title is Iktyocare aquatic instructor. In the back pocket, there is also a river rafting skipper’s diploma.

My versatile fishing expertise, my education and my more than 20 years of work experience in the customer service field give me very good skills to work as a fishing guide. I always try to act professionally and to provide the best possible service, so that your trip would be successful. I fish very versatile in the sea, lake and river. Competition fishing is also close to my heart and success has come in spades over the years. Fishing is sometimes challenging and the importance of the functionality of the equipment and lures is emphasized. Catch fish of different seasons attract you year after year, and the pursuit of your own record fish creates its own excitement in fishing. Sustainable and responsible fishing is close to my heart.


My own record fish for five fish species: pike 118cm/13.75kg, pike perch 101cm/13.10kg, salmon 116cm/19.80kg, sea trout 89cm/8.90kg, perch 46cm/1.35kg